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Alternative Energy Utilized By The Government – Spend Less Money With Cheaper Energy Bills!

If you’re entirely surprised by the title and wondering if there is renewable energy in the government, you’ll be enlightened by this article!

Government entities had set a target of receiving 2.5% of its energy requirements from alternative sources by December 2005.

As per statistics, they had well surpassed those targets and by Jan 2006, about 2375 GWH (Giga Watt Hour) of renewable energy was being utilized by the government from replenishable sources. Which is a jump of over 1000% since 1999!

The majority of this is energy generated from solar power systems, windmills, biomass plants, and geothermal systems.

If you’re a government employee, you would be aware that the federal government has put in place a system where individual departments within the government are recognized for shifting to sustainable energy.

Especially in the winter time where the heating expense is at the highest, there have been campaigns on educating individuals along with the departments.

They have been educated in techniques to reduce their dependence on standard energy sources in strategies of shifting to green energy.

Here’s an even more surprising fact. The federal government has set an objective to obtain 7.5% of its needs from replenishable resources by the year 2013.

Which is an enormous quantity, considering the mammoth power prerequisite by our state.

There is a continuous increase in alternative energy in the government. What needs to be asked is whether we’re supporting our government in the cause.

By undertaking little changes in your own home, we can help a bit for the environment too. We can do this by investing a little in alternative energy supplies, such as the scalar energy pendant and scalar pendant. Check zero energy for additional details.

In this process, we can also save ourselves some money in the form of reduced energy bills!

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