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Focus for Swissfluid

This year’s focus will be on our ever-growing offering of lined stainless steel valves. Demand for lined stainless steel valves has peaked over the last year and in response we increased our stock, now stocking more stainless steel valves than ever before. Swissfluid stainless steel valves present enhanced protection against atmospheric rust and cleaning agents used within a wash down, extending the life of the valve noticeably at minimal extra cost above the same valve in carbon steel and/or ductile iron. Let Valve Source, Inc show you the advantages that make it the ideal valve for (high purity) applications at fine chemical and semiconductor plants as well as the harsh environment found in places such as acid, brine and fertilizer plants.

Swissfluid has created a totally new innovative ball valve concept with new protective plastic linings made of high strength carbon steel WCB with epoxy coating and stainless steel CF8M for corrosive environments and/or high purity functions. Investment castings offer close tolerances and smooth outer surfaces, while inside wetted surfaces are protected with thick linings created from Teflon PFA, PFA-AS or even Tefzel ETFE. Teflon PFA features the most universal chemical inertness with temperatures from -60°C to help 220°C, while Tefzel ETFE provides good chemical resistance, small permeation rates and terrific abrasion resistance. All linings are transfer-molded and get mechanical locking devices to cut back cold flow and improve temperature/vacuum resistance. Swissfluid successfully increased living and dramatically reduced operating costs at a Chlor-Alkaly manufacturer where PFA- lined ball valves historically had only a 6 to 8 week life span as a result of high temperatures and an abrasive service with an increase of torques, Swissfluids high performance tennis ball valves were installed which led to eliminating the problem altogether. Valve Source, Inc can be your source for these fine products.

In the exact same service with one and two in 150-pound valves at 90 to 120 psi with 365°F (185°C) conditions and hydrochloric acid, the ball valves have been in service now for over 3 years. The estimated savings on eight valves to date is about $124, 000, not thinking about the reduction of shut straight down costs. The unique pretty much pocket-free one piece ball and shaft, metal to metal socket and live-loaded stem-seal deal (all in combination) design has considerably improved the performance life in the valves. This manufacturer now has over 3, 000 plastic lined valves in operation. On the ball valve design, the ISO mounting flange and neck are generally extended to gain even more space for multiple shaft seal designs and avoid interference of immediate mounted actuators with tube flanges. To provide for direct mounting, packing glands have been replaced by live-loaded, integrated stem-seals which meet TA-luft requirements.

For more information about Swissfluid Valves, contact Valve Source, Inc. at 800-523-1305 or

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