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Starting a cleaning service: Creating a strong image

If you choose to open a cleaning service, you may immerse yourself in the details of the services you’ll offer such as general cleaning, carpet cleaning, office or residential, but it’s very important that you create a strong company image because a cleaning service without an image is a business that likely won’t last long.

There are a couple different ways in which you can create a strong company image when you start a cleaning service. First, it’s important to know that your image should be a consistent one. Once you decide on a logo and on a name it’s important to remain consistent in that message.

There are three specific ways to get your company image across clearly. First is your name, second is your company website and third is everything else.

Company name

When you open a cleaning service, it’s important that you think almost first and foremost of what your company’s name will be. You want your name to be unique and you want it to be specific. That is, if your company specializes in specific services you might want your name to somehow link to that.

For example, if many of your services are green, if would be nice to call your company “XYZ cleaning service” with a subtitle of “the green way to clean”.

When you start a cleaning service, do some research of other companies names in the area and consider what seems to be successful, what you think identifies the business well, and what you like to hear as a customer.

Company website

Once you have a good name, your next step is to build a website. When you open a cleaning service, or any other business, for that matter, creating a website to support it is important. A website is an ideal and sometimes preferred method for spreading the word about your business.

Make sure your website ties well with your name; making sure all the details work together is how you create that company image. When you start a cleaning service, for example, you will identify what it will specialize in. If you have identified your service as one that specializes in green cleaning, make sure that the design, the coloring and the overall look of the website supports that business mission.

Everything else

When you start a cleaning service, there’s a lot to consider; you definitely have to invest in your cleaning tools and supplies that you’ll need to carry out various services. But when you focus on creating a company image, it’s critically important that you consider every single thing you do as tying back to that company image.

Everything you create that presents your company in any light should be regular and special. If you think about a company like Coke, you can immediately identify what the company labels look like, what the company stands for and you will immediately recognize the red Coke swish on a soda cup or on a truck.

You may not become as big as Coke, but you need to think about your logo, your colors, and any other visible accents that you want to create. These should be used regularly on your website and other materials. You could be creating business cards, brochures, magnetic signs for you car. All of these things should look consistent and present a cohesive image. Your company image is dependent on you deciding how you want your company image to be presented and making sure it’s presented in a consistent manner.

There’s no doubt you’ll be presented with many challenges, and, in fact, creating a company image is one of the easiest, but most often overlooked, details. Simply think about how you want to present your company to the world and then go out and do it.

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