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Trading Hours as a Marketing Tool

What happens when a customer, or potential customer, searches for the product that they want to buy and when they find the store that stocks it in their local area the store is closed? If you contemplate the trading hours in your own business do you think it may make a difference to your bottom line if you make adjustments to the hours you trade, in particular around holidays like Christmas? Do you think it may be an essential advertising and marketing tool for your business? 

Recently I was looking for a HDMI DVD player. After browsing and reading about the different types and models that are available, I found the exact one that I needed. I was ready to buy and found the website for a store close by that had the DVD player in stock. I then checked the store trading hours only to find that they were already closed! So what was I to do? I knew what I needed and I was ready to buy it straight away!

I could have just waited till the next day, but I really needed the DVD player then and not later. So I searched again and found a competitor of my original store choice and guess what? They had extended trading hours for December and I was able to jump in the car and head straight over to buy! So instead of having to wait for the next day, I was able to buy what I needed exactly when I needed to buy it. I then came home and was able to set it up and begin using it.

By the way, there were a bunch of websites that showed the DVD player I wanted but didn’t have their trading hours online so I skipped them and kept seaching.

I learned a lesson from this encounter. If you’re going to have or create a website for your business, you can increase your sales getting your trading hours on your website and you can sell a lot more by basically extending your trading hours in the holidays. The basic act of having the store open longer hours, during these busy weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year, means that more prospects are able to buy the items that they want when they actually want them.

Today people like to do things as quickly as possible and the Internet has made this a reality now more than ever before. Many thousands of people are looking online for a variety or products and companies. Some of these items they may buy online also, but typically the Internet is used as a research tool and then the customer wants to be able to go to their local supplier or business to buy.
It may be wise to give your customers what they really want and extend your business hours.

Specifically around December when people are making up lists of gifts for loved ones and friends, and even for themselves, it is crucial to offer trading hours that will let as many consumers as possible to come through the doors and buy the things that they want.

Maybe you too can learn a lesson from my own personal experience. Perhaps by simply extending your trading hours during December, and possibly other periods during the year as well, you can increase not only your sales and income, but also build a stronger relationship with your customers. Next time they want to buy an item that you sell they are more likely to come back to your business to make the purchase if they had a positive experience the previous time. So carefully contemplate using extended business hours as a promoting tool in your own business.

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