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Who Happen To Be Among The Better Football Player – Argentina Lionel Messi OR Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo

Whenever they enter the pitch, the stadium appears like an arena created for the gods in the Olympics. The spectators all around the stadium stands are enthusiastically anticipating for one thing dazzling. On the contrary, the opposing players have fears shown in their looks. Who are these individuals? They are soccer titans Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Both players have wonderful characteristics, jaw dropping dribbling skills. By way of these skillsets they manage to take a handful of players out whenever the ball is to their feet. They also exhibit incredible vision in producing the play on the pitch, getting goal after goal with terrific shooting precision on top of their accurate passing abilities and impressive calm when in front of the goal.

At this moment both are playing in the La Liga. Their teams have been in a long term competition famously recognized as “El Clasico”. Cristiano Ronaldo performs for Real Madrid ever since moving from Man United by way of a world record fee of 80 millions British pound. On the contrary, Lionel Messi just performs for Barcelona as pro. He linked to Barcelona youth academy ever since he was just fourteen.

In their trophy case they each not only enjoy domestic league championship trophy but also the prestigious Champions League trophy. As a goal seeker they additionally was able to get hold of the top goal scorer award in La Liga, the Pichichi Trophy. And the best of all personally both of them have been chosen as FIFA World Player of the Year. Anyway with all those achievements thus far they regretfully still fail to lift up 2 of the most wanted trophy for all the soccer players that are the World Cup trophy and their associated continental governing body tournament trophy, Copa America for Messi alongside Argentina national team and Euro Championship for Ronaldo alongside Portugal national team.

These couple football stars certainly have plenty of tales to share and for football lovers whom desire to understand much more about them you should check out soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo image or more of his scoring videos and Barcelona Lionel Messi photo gallery or his wonderful records plus professional statistic.

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